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CAMT WebGL Course 2011

Note: Ilmari Heikkinen has posted presentations on Introduction to WebGL and the basics of Three.js. Students should review those presentations before attending my WebGL course.

Three.js Tutorial #1

I use Three.js in my WebGL course at CAMT, Chiang Mai University. Here are my Three.js demos which I use during my course.

  1. Start using Three.js
  2. Scene & Camera
  3. Animation Loop
  4. Directional Light
  5. Object Movement (Scale,Rotate,Translate)
  6. Manual update 3D Object's Matrices
  7. Shadow
  8. Texture
  9. Loading 3D Object(Wavefront OBJ converted to JSON)
  10. Extruding Shape
  11. 3D Text (Use TTF font converted to TypeFace.js)
  12. 2D Text (Use TTF font on canvas as texture)
  13. Geometries
  14. Materials
  15. Video Texture
  16. Cube Map (Reflection)
  17. Cube Map (Refraction)